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About Me


My goal is to assist every client find self love and confidence.

I achieve this by providing luxury beauty & skin care services.

Hi, my name is Maya, founder of MayaLynn Esthetics.  I am a licensed esthetician that fell in love with skin care, self care, and educating others.  I began my professional skin care journey after completing my BSBA at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. I entered the industry with 5+ years of experience with eczema and 2 years of experience with professional skin care brands. 


I enjoy sharing my own personal skin care journey.  I see it as motivation that skin can change with consistency and authentic products. At a young age, I dealt with eczema that covered the insides of my knees, elbows, legs, and derriere.  This taught me the importance of being consistent with treating my skin with love at a young age. By doing so, my skin eventually healed up and my scars began disappearing. I found myself loving my skin again and becoming more confident.


Bringing clients confidence is what I love most about my job.  I enjoy educating others on how to listen to and treat their skin with proper care. After a few treatments, I watch how clients begin to love their skin again, just as I did. I spend time consulting with clients by creating at home regimens or evaluating and critiquing their skin care products.  We also spend time face to face during skin care treatments and waxing appointments.  It’s always a great time catching up and letting down that wall to ask in depth questions you may feel nervous about.

I am knowledgeable in corrective skin care such as Microdermabrasion, Peels, and Dermaplaning. While these treatments can be relaxing I am fully focused on results. I am an expert in waxing the face & neck, armpits, arms, legs, and Brazilians.  I also include combos for Brazilians and Vajacials and Peel packages.

My goal is to assist every client find the same love and confidence in themselves.

Are you ready to love your skin?  Feel free to book a consultation or email me.


Let’s get started!

— MayaLynn Esthetics

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